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Inspired by the Ritz® Hotel ambiance 

Inject a much-needed boost to a mundane life with a vigorous combination of Tea, with its light and fresh notes that energize! The pungent, warming and appealing lemon tang of Thyme plus the sweet floral notes of Jasmine with a deadly sexy musky kick!

Top Note: Bergamot, Lemon Tea&Thyme
Mid Note: Jasmine petals, rose, tea leaves
Base Note: Sandal wood, amber, musk

How Space Scenting Works:

The end goal is to have your house, office or business smell delightful.

Step 1: Choose Scent Diffuser

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Step 2: Choose Scent Oils

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Step 3: Enjoy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Daniel Eichar

House smells amazing

Malka ostreicher
Great but pricey

I love the smell though even when put on the lowest mode uses up very fast.

eliana haboucha
Best scent

Smells great and not too strong. Recommend this scent

Fabulous Scent

Paradise smells like a ritzy hotel on the Mediterranean full of rich guests. My house is filled with this scent and I love it.

Miriam Weingarten
My house smells like paradise!

I smelled this scent for the first time at a hotel. My husband and I loved it!! Throughout our vacation, we kept talking about how we would love our house to smell the same way. A short time later my mother gave me a gift. I opened it up and it was a diffuser with a bottle of oil labeled Paradise. I opened it up, smelled it and all of the sudden, all of my memories of my wonderful and relaxing vacation came flooding back! It was the same smell as that hotel we stayed in. I thought for sure my mother somehow found out that I liked the smell and called the hotel. After grilling both my mother and husband, I found out that she really had no clue! She just knew I like when my house smells good and this was the most popular scent on the website. Since that time, I got two additional diffusers with the same scent. My house always smells amazing! So much so that almost every guest and worker that comes through the door comments on it and asked what it's called.

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