Whispering Waves Fragrance Oil Refill for Reed Diffusers
Whispering Waves Fragrance Oil Refill for Reed Diffusers

Whispering Waves Fragrance Oil Refill for Reed Diffusers

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Soothing. Refreshing. Tropical. Sunny. 

A perfect beachside escape. Whispering Waves evokes the bliss of sun shining on waves whispering in carefree delight.


A home fragrance that sparkles with the magical beauty of the sea. Spend a marvelous day sunning on a sea cove. Surround yourself with shimmering waves, rich marine florals and sugared raspberries.  Set a home ambiance reminiscent of the perfect beach day. 


Top Notes: 

Saltwater, Raspberry, Apple 

Heart Notes: 

Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Fir Balsam

Background Notes: 

Cypress Woods



Immersive Beauty Bathing 

Escape stress and the bustle of modern life with immersive self-care.  Whispering Waves releases the same feel-good signals that flowers and calm seas send out. A pure fragrance that provides an identical immersion experience to forest bathing and nature retreats.

Elevate home into the uplifting sanctuary that surrounds you with self-care and tranquility.


Crystal Cl`Air Freshening Technology:

A scent that cleans air. Remove odors while opulently scenting, leaving your home atmosphere sparkling clean, refreshed and shimmering with luxury.


Moodlifting Technology: 

A luxury home fragrance designed to lift your spirits and infuse your home with tranquil elegance. Whispering Waves inspires a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and harmony.  Unwind in fragrant luxury.


Highest Standards of Purity: 

Safe for pets, children, artwork, furniture and skin. Crafted to meet and surpass the highest industry standards of excellence, including those established by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).




100% Carbon Renewable 

Organically Sourced Fragrance Notes



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5-Star Hotel-Aroma for Homes

Once exclusive to the world’s finest hotels, we’ve made fragrance history with our remarkable aroma oils, now possible to enhance, beautify and elevate homes. Luxury aroma oils are refined to provide the ideal fine fragrance experience with pristinely sourced sophisticated aroma blends, and designed for home use with freshening properties as well.

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